Stephen Berens

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One/Two Person Exhibitions:

2022   Be a Proud Owner, over 1300 outdoor locations in 27 states and 8 countries.
2018   From There to Here, Edward Cella Art & Architecture, Los Angeles, CA.
2017   “Stephen Berens: South Carolina 1974/Elizabeth Bryant: Three Hang-ups,” The Suburban, Walker’s Point, Milwaukee.
2013   Lithuanian Overlay (collaboration with Elizabeth Bryant), Roski School of Art, USC, Los Angeles.
2012   Thinking of Pinturicchio (While Looking Out Sol LeWitt’s Windows), Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati.
    OVERLAP, (collaboration with Elizabeth Bryant), Co/Lab Art Fair, Los Angeles.
    SHIFT, Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania.
2011   Of No Particular Interest (A Direct Comparison), site-specific installation, Los Angeles.
2009   Every Time I Answered My Door in 2007 (Some Portraits), Solway Jones, Los Angeles.
2008   75 Photographs of a Lost Dog, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL.
2004   Unpublished Letters: From Freud/To Me, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL.
2001   The Los Angeles Times and Me, Storage, Los Angeles.
2000   The Analysis Tapes, Acuna-Hansen Gallery, Los Angeles.
The Analysis Tapes, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL.
1998   The Freud Project: Part One, Acme, Los Angeles.
1995   Richard Heller Gallery.
1991   California State University, Los Angeles.
1985   The Lhasa Club, Hollywood, CA.
1984   University of Nebraska, Omaha.
Monrovia Arts Center, Monrovia, CA.
1980   Florida School of the Arts, Palatka.
1976   Gragg Gallery, Bainbridge, GA.