Be A Proud Owner

Between February 2022 and February 2023, artworks from my Be a Proud Owner series were installed in over 1350 outdoor locations in 27 states and 8 countries. Each installation resulted in a new photograph. . .

As part of the collaborative Be a Proud Owner project, 47 individuals installed artworks containing a photograph of a sign or billboard (or the structure where a sign once existed) and an accompanying text. The language of the texts was modeled on real estate ads from the 1970s describing why a particular sign/location is desirable and offer

In keeping with strategies I utilized at the time, these works were installed in non-traditional locations in an attempt to make the work available to an audience that might not regularly visit museums and galleries.

Twenty-five different artworks from 1976 were used in this project and a photograph of each of the resulting 1350+ installations are documented here.

Collaborators: Andrew Uchin, Bia Gayotto, Brad Killam, Bruce Saunders, Chris Berens, Don Singer, Doug Henry, Elena Thomas, Emily Lancot, Eve Luckring, Hilja Keading, Jackson Beall, Jeff Beall, Jerry Wellman, Joan Perlman, Joey Kötting, Julie Shafer, Katy Crowe, Lane Relyea, Laura Bryant, Lynn Bryant Appleget, Lynne Berman, Mark Berens, Naomi Hume, Peg Berens, Sarah Donabaum, Theresa Berens, Todd Forsgren, Wyatt Beall.

Additional participants: Alex Slade, Ann Stoddard, Bob Gunderman, Brian Emery, Ellen Birrell, Jacob Wissinger, Karen O’Hearn, Karime Harfush, Kaz Okad , Kris Paulsen, Mary Addison Hackett, Matthew Moore, Renee Petropoulos, Ry Wharton, Sharon Lockhart.